My Kind of Valentine

…Safe from Pain and Truth and Choice… This post comes with two advisories, first it will be lengthy as I’m feeling the urge to write.  Secondly this will be a rather charged and revealing story, those who are easily offended … Continue reading

Interview Meme ~ The Cheat

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The Visionaire Which Started It All

…And to everything, there is a beginning…

For me, that beginning came from both an obvious source as well as one more unexpected, but isn’t that a wonderful start of the story?  This blog exists almost entirely because of my dear friend and soul’s sister, Prisilla S. Avro who has shared so much of her journey with me that I found it impossible not to embark on this with her as well.  At a later day I will devote an entire post to my beloved Silly or as I like to call her, JLo Banks.  For the time being, I will simply share that she has long been an avid blogger and her passion for it as well as the joy she derives from the process finally won over my reservations.

A more unforeseen impetus arrived in the form of the multitalented and indomitable Nariko Okawa.  I have the privilege of knowing her because of my dear sister and she has subtly, and upon recent occasion more directly, encouraged me to pursue this project.  With the excitement and promise of Nariko’s newest pursuit, Visionaire Institute, upon the horizon there seemed no better time to begin my blog.

What better way to start then, but to present my application photographs?  For those who have not yet heard the news, I strongly encourage you to visit Nariko’s blog and learn all about Visionaire!

First we have my raw shot, taken in world and with no post processing done in photoshop.  I’ll admit this is painful for me as I adore playing in my PS CS3.  It was my first love long before I found Second Life® but I can have fun with the fast and dirty too (insert the obvious jokes here).

 Raw Shot

This photo was taken in Egoisme at their amazing landing.  In it I am wearing one of my favorite designers and so the credits:

Hair ~ TRUTH HAIR Vida

Outfit ~ coldLogic dress – frankel.stone

Shoes ~ [Gos] Grace Sandal – Silver Snake

Clipboard & Pen ~ Lamp*Light – Pro Clipboard

Pose ~ (Looking for it again, will update soon)

Next we have an image which captures more of my romantic and fantasy loving sides.  It was taken on my home sim of Yorokobi which happens to be the home of Visionaire!!  I indulged in a bit of post processing with this one but only a very little bit.

More Processed

Hair ~ !lamb. Zelda (Mesh)

Eyes ~ IKON Perspective Eyes – Apex

Outfit ~ FATEplay – Wende – Emerald

Bracelets ~ EarthStones Piece Eternelle – Slave Bracelet – Aurora

Lantern ~ LISP – Lantern Pose 3

Pose ~ In the Lantern!!

Finally we have more of my fantastical side and I let myself go a bit crazier in PS with the background and other little touches.  I really enjoy the way this came out, I’m not going to lie.

Fully Processed

Hair ~ TRUTH HAIR Renata

Eyes ~ IKON Spectral Eyes – Apex

Outfit ~ [PO] Donna Cardi Vest – onyx

[Miseria] Daisy Mini – Rustic

[R3] – Minako Arm Warmers [V2]

Jewelry ~ MG – Earrings – Amalfi Silver Moon

Cae :: Charmed :: Necklace :: Karma

MG – Necklace – Paris Black Diamond – Choker – SILVER – V2

MG – Necklace – Keshi Pearl Heart – Long – SILVER

Pose ~ (Looking for it again, will update soon)

And there we have it, my first blog post and the beginning of it all.  Remember, the ones to blame are Prisilla S. Avro and Nariko Okawa.

Thank you for reading and best wishes!!