Pose Fair 2014!!

… Strike a pose there’s nothing to it …

Pose Fair 2014

Only when you put on an event of this caliber, there really is a lot that goes into getting your pose on.  After having just visited the Pose Fair 2014 preview put on by the Hottie Couterati Experience, I can say without exaggeration that it is out of this world.  Literally.

I won’t spoil the experience by saying more but it really is a treat to wander though the fair set up and while its a breathtaking build, it manages to not distract for the vendor set ups.  No small feat to be sure.  I won’t be able to offer the landmark as early as the event opens but I just had to take a moment to share a little bit about this event which I was lucky enough to be selected for a preview of.  For those who troll the pose and animation markets, there will be scores of names you will recognize at the event and some I’m sure that will be new to you.  The Pose Fair 2014 opens for everyone on Saturday April 19th at 12pm SLT so mark your calendars.

For now I just couldn’t resist showing off one of the stellar poses I got and I can never walk away from an unattended TARDIS!  I will be sharing all sorts of goodies I picked up now that time is freeing up for me some (more on why that is in a shameless reblog to follow) so stay tuned!  Here ends one of my shorter posts but I just had to share!!  Go to the Pose Fair!!!  (Did you see what I did there with the rhyming?  That’s what happens when I don’t sleep)


Hair ~ TRUTH HAIR Renata

Necklace ~ MG – Necklace – Amalfi Silver Moon – Short

Dress ~ [LIV Glam] Boutique-Spring 2013-May Members Gift

Shoes ~ N-core NUIT “Nude” (Mesh)

Pose ~ fri. – careless.pose 2 (Blogger Preview Pack, Thank You!)

Location ~ Pose Fair 2014 (LM Coming)



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