… All the lessons you have to learn now, you must find for yourself …


The wait is over and the time has come!  Hopefully it won’t be to discuss shoes and ships and sealing wax though.  Hopefully it will be the evocative work by my fellow graduates and perhaps even my own that gets the conversation going.  You are here by, cordially invited to attend the graduation event for the inaugural class of VISIONAIRE Institute.  Curious to know what all the hubbub is about?  Well here’s a teaser for my gallery and a bit more detail just as I promised.

Final Gallery Teaster


Second Life® – VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE would like to cordially invite you to a exhibition showcasing our first graduating class of photographers: Anouk Lefavre, Eva Cross, Imani Enzo, Liat Reina, Mari Firelight, Prisilla S. Avro, Seashell Dench, Solde Rothmanay, and Tamara Artis.

The graduates participated in a 12-week course that covered various SL photography topics that ranged from viewer photo tools usage to PhotoShop techniques and photographic composition. They were then tasked with a Final Project which then is fulfilled in these two graduation exhibitions.

As part of the final project, each trainee was given the same no modify shape with which to tell a story, one they had to convey in images alone. A second part of the final project incorporated our partnership with SCALA Models Academy.  In this second part each VISIONAIRE trainee was paired with a SCALA Models Academy model.  Trainees had to learn to work with a model and produce photographs for them.

The VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE Graduate Exhibition is a unique experience that will run on two sims.

Here, the exhibition will run from 1PM SLT on April 12 to April 14.

The exhibition will run concurrently here from April 12 to May 11.

The next round of VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE classes will be announced as the graduate exhibition draws to a close.  Both exhibition locations house our group subscriber, so do be sure to join it if you wish to remain informed as to when applications open for the next round of classes.

For further information please contact us via email at:



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