Welcome Resident!

… So the bad news is, you’re a newb …

Considering Lost Vegas

As promised, I am finally able to return to my posts and of course that means picking up on some Strawberry Singh Monday Meme goodness!  I’m thrilled that I’m even able to share my contribution before my typical Sunday-sneak-in-just-before-the-new-meme-comes-out time table.  I even get to use some images I took some weeks ago that I haven’t been able to credit just yet, so needless to say I’m feeling super accomplished and so I must be together enough to give advice to the freshly rezzed throngs right?  Maybe…?  Well either way, I’m going to!

Right, so you’re Brandnew123 Resident (or something) and you’ve just gotten the viewer downloaded, set up, logged in…. now what?  I’m not going to give you the advice I received at this point to start with.  I mean when I got to Second Life you still had to go through Orientation Island, do they still have that?  My friends who’d drawn me in world promptly turned me round, patted my head and sent me off to be an escort.  Long story.  So here’s my advice instead.

  1. Relax.  Yes, Second Life is rather daunting to get the hang of.  Not to scare you but after nearly 8 years in this world, I’m still finding new things I never knew about or amazing new tools I have to figure out how to work.  Its going to take you some time to acclimate, learn the ways you will be most comfortable interacting with the world and mastering the viewer specific quirks.  Let yourself be a newb, it won’t last forever I promise and it will be worth it in the end.
  2. Fix your face!  Don’t get me wrong, the new resident avatar options available now a days are practically super models compared to what I rezzed in as.  That said, you’re going to want to make your avatar your own.  That means… skin, shape, hair, eyes, AO, shoes, clothes… and that’s just the standard stuff.  Trust me, you’re going to want all of these things to own your look.
  3. Make some friends.  You don’t have to be a social butterfly, but trust me when I say that the people around you will make your experience.  Some will be guides, some will be cohorts, and some will be so much more.  Second Life is a global community and you will be amazed at how small the world can become if you put yourself out there.  Forming bonds with someone a world away didn’t used to be an option for most of us, but now we can cultivate meaningful relationships that span the personal, professional, romantic and so much more by just logging in.  Take advantage of that.
  4. Free cause I’m new?  Oh yes my friend, there are some amazing creators in SL who offer items for free for avatars who are under a certain age.  Several of whom I still frequent and these are far better quality then many of the freebie markets that are out there.  Those are also a great resource but often times it will be obvious if you went that route.  Do a search, ask around, hunt these down as soon as you can before its too late!
  5. EXPLORE!!!  There is more to be seen… wait, catch phrasing here.  Well its true.  There is something for everyone in this virtual space.  Get out there, look around, try new things, experience all the amazing possibilities the grid can provide.  Even after all these years, I constantly find some place new, a brand new designer, or a ground breaking new tool and it impresses on me again how wondrous this world truly is.  We the users shape our world and that means there’s always something truly inspiring just a teleport away!

liat ~ Lost Vegas

There you have it, my learned advice for all those new citizens of our virtual world.  I could speak volumes about the benefits of being yourself, exploring different aspects of your personality, or giving into the shopping addiction.  Also I could lecture about the dangers of letting your inventory get out of control, buying without demoing first, or little things like online safety.

In the end though, the biggest things I hope people of any rez date will keep in mind is that your Second Life is just that.  You will get out of it what you put into it just like your first life.  Also, this is an additive experience.  Always remember not to let your real life suffer for your SL.  I hope this helps someone out there and that it was at least worth a laugh if all else fails.


Hair ~ [e] Daffodil – Firey Reds ([elikatira])

Necklace ~ [MANDALA] LUCK Necklace/UNISEX/Black/mp

Arm-warmers ~ [R3] – Minako Arm Warmers [V2] (R3VOLT)

Outfit ~ DE Designs – Carmina – Tan

Boots ~ *League* Dhara Boots [MESH] –Tan

Pose ~ !bang – female flf 4 (Above)

!bang – female flf 15 (Below)

Location ~ Tierra de Fuego



7 thoughts on “Welcome Resident!

  1. Well done sis! You know this post had me cracking up…now what is an “AO”?? 😉 I won’t have time to do this meme so I am going to add my advice in here: 1. Be grateful you weren’t rezzed into an SL dumpster on a Brazilian sim and 2. SL is SOOO much better than it used to be! ENJOY! 😀
    NUGS! ❤

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it sis. An “AO” is the thing I build from scratch and you buy from Oracle. Just kidding, you’ve grown up so much.

      Seriously though, an Animation Override or AO is so necessary to drop that shiny new resident look. If you stand system style, I will judge you.

      You are my favorite Brazilian dumpster baby sis and thanks for reading!

      • Um excuse me sis that is spelled Oracul and I am done buying there. I have scavenged from there and other animation creators to build my present super fun AO! That reminds me of another bit of advice for newbs…there are ALOT of misspelled words in SL. Prepare to search for things creatively!



        Prisilla aka Brazilian dumpster baby 😛

        P.S. You crack me up sis!

  2. Your photography is stunning!! And excellent points 😀 I’d put that last paragraph first, highlight it, underline it and boldface it! 😛 so many lose their first life at the expense of their second one, especially the first few years. Great post! xo

    • Wow, thank you Cao!! I’m honored by the compliments and encouraged as my photography is one thing I’m working on improving. I’ve had my share of putting SL above RL before and it never is worth it in the end. Thank you so much for reading and the feedback!

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