It’s Coming!!!

… The road is long, but this only makes arriving so much the sweeter …


My very first blog post was inspired by my enrollment into courses with VISIONAIRE Institute.  Classes have now concluded, all final projects have been completed and what an experience it has been.  Every student and instructor has found themselves affected by the journey and as it is drawing to a close, we are all taking time to reflect.  The work required for the final was daunting and unfortunately for me, came at a time when my real life schedule compounded to make it even more stressful.  At last though, I am done.  Everything is ready and now begins the anticipation of sharing it all.

I can’t release any of the details just yet, but I can issue the invitation for everyone to come and experience it with us.  The teaser above, courtesy of Nariko Okawa, will give some clues but I can promise that my peers have produced spectacular work.  As soon as I am able to, I will share the location of our graduation exhibition along with more information about it.

This also marks the chance for me to return to posting more regularly, and I have a lot planned so stay tuned and thank you for reading!



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