Spring Homecoming

… Tell the world I’m coming home …

Spring Cozy Full

Its been one hectic, insane, and stressful month for me in real life.  At long last I have been able to settle things down enough to return to my second.  Before I was swallowed whole by a series of unavoidable events though, I spent some time building a little bit of a cozy space inspired by the Love To Decorate event.  They’ve decided to make Show Us Your Cozy an ongoing feature in their publication and this time, it was a call for color to return with the blooming of Spring.  I missed the deadline to join in the official fun, but I couldn’t resist sharing what I managed to put together.

Spring Cozy II

This is my little bit of spring cozy.  A space that I felt held some of the soft touches of pastels which I feel embody the season yet still holds some of the rich golds and browns of the winter that hasn’t fully released its hold on the world yet.  I knew I had to finish this post today when I saw the announcement go out for the release of the March/April LTD Magazine.

Spring Cozy III

Whether it be in the real world or the virtual, I feel no place can truly feel like home or comfortable without two things.  A collection of good books and a furry friend.  Luckily for me, my good friend and Visionaire instructor Nariko Okawa was able to provide me with the later and a trip to the March round of the Arcade gave me a great selection of the former.

Spring Cozy IV

A bouquet of fresh blooms always says spring to me and I love having splashes of white to honor the passing of one season to the next.  Then of course no matter what the calendar might say, its still chilly where I live so a warm little fire keeps the room feeling perfectly cozy.

Spring Cozy V

So with pops of color here and there as well as plenty of spots to curl up, this is my idea of a bit of spring cozy.  I find it appropriate that for my SL homecoming I had this space, which seems to be fit for a world traveler, to return and relax in.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have and I am glad to be home again.


Trompe Loeil – Willoughby Lakehouse Warm

Trompe Loeil – Ashdon Fabric Screen High LOD 6LI

*bbqq*-The Ming dynasty-China scroll painting D

[DDD] Little House Plant type 4

:[MudHoney]: Designs – Vintage Trunk

LD  jug with flowers – country white

.aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Globe-

MudHoney Eva Side Table

Trompe Loeil – Astrid Chair Branch {A}

floorplan. vintage travel poster

Cat – Brown_Mesh (Hannah Kozlowski Creator)

{vespertine – bookcart for him}

MudHoney Penelope Table

PILOT – Hanging Shells [Purples]

Trompe Loeil – Frame Square Art Pink Flowers 1 (Group Gift)

Trompe Loeil – Frame Square Art Cherub (Group Gift)

Trompe Loeil – Frame Square Art Pink Flowers 2 (Group Gift)

MudHoney Little Birdy

AF Temple Jar

AF Scented Candle (Apple)

ISPACHI – The Arrival – Between Two Squirrels

AF Woodstock

AF Calla Lilies

Zaara [home] : Copper frangipani bowl *white*

.aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Tea-

{vespertine – book of tale lover.}

{vespertine – bookstacks}

GLITTERATI – Magazine 1, 2, 3

DIGS – Seddon Coffee Table – Naturals [MESH]

[DDD] Blossom Vase – B/W

AF Willow Plates

MudHoney Eva Mirror

MudHoney Sydney Sofa – Brown Adult

[noctis] Antique faded greenstitch rug

Scarlet Creative Mountain Love Plant in Pot

LTD Digital Gramophone (Chrome)

floorplan. i love you frame / languages

Zaara [home] : Trunk table *truck art*


3 thoughts on “Spring Homecoming

  1. Sis I love this so much! Your images are so magazine worthy! I really am feeling the cozy and you know I adore your words. They way you express yourself is beautiful in both images and text, Well done! ❤

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