Hope for the Broken Heart

…Love takes us to the highest pleasures, and drives us to the deepest pains…

This is an offering for the Monday meme for Strawberry Singh rather than by her, called for by her friend who shows us all what one of the truest loves.  While I have been blessed with an amazing love in real life, I have recently lost some people who were very close to me.  The pain of their absence is still with me every single day.  So for my own sake, for Berry’s and for anyone who has ever lost love of any kind, I offer the following.

Dear Broken Heart,

I know.  The pain you feel right now, the emptiness so deep and overwhelming that you feel as if you won’t be able to draw another breath without being lost to it… I know it.  I don’t say this in an attempt to lessen the way you feel.  No one and nothing can do that, not really.  Some people can help for a time, some things can distract us from it, but nothing can make it go away.  Only time.  The one thing that seems impossible when you hurt this way is lasing till its over though.

Some people will tell you it gets easier.  This is a lie in some respects.  There will come a day when the ache is less intense and then one day all but gone.  It isn’t a straight line though.  Even long after you feel you’ve healed and can’t really remember the hallow sensation, something will remind you and it will return.  Others will tell you that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  My feeling is that what doesn’t kill you leaves you bruised, broken and bleeding on the ground in tears.

So what hope is this meant to offer?  Well I am also of the opinion that as we grow and mature and live and love, we build walls.  We have to.  This is not a world for the fragile.  We simply have to protect ourselves because no one else will be able to do it for us.  When we open ourselves up to love someone and that love ends, some of those walls break.  We try to pick up the pieces and put the walls back together stronger than before.  That just doesn’t work though.  Like a bone which breaks, it will always be weaker than it was before the fracture.  We have known what it is to love and our hearts will forever be seeking it once more despite the gut wrenching pain we risk subjecting ourselves to.

The hope I offer to you is that as the tears wash away the pieces of our broken selves, as we try to rebuild we will find that some pieces are missing.  The ones we lost have claimed them and we can never get them back.  As your eyes clear and your chest lightens so that you can draw a deep breath once more, you will find that your heart is exposed.  The walls can’t contain it.  You know what it is to love and to lose.  Once time has eased that emptiness you will see that it has left you more open to the next love.

So cry broken heart.  Endure the pain as best you can.  Just remember, your heart is open and there is someone out there who will protect it for you.  Someone who will see it shine out from beneath the cracks and behind the walls.  Love again broken heart.  It will be worth the tears, I promise.

Your fellow in pieces,


Broken Heart Hope


Hair ~ TRUTH HAIR Genesis

Shirt ~ coldLogic top – clark.taupe

Necklace ~ Cae :: Charmed :: Necklace :: Karma

Bracelets ~ EarthStones Piece Eternelle – Slave Bracelet – Aurora

Pose ~ GLITTERATI – Jewelled 1


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