My Kind of Valentine

…Safe from Pain and Truth and Choice…

This post comes with two advisories, first it will be lengthy as I’m feeling the urge to write.  Secondly this will be a rather charged and revealing story, those who are easily offended or disturbed by suggestive prose should not read what follows.  I knew I wanted to share more of myself with this post and I’ve been meaning for some time to stage a shoot at the Zeppelin Bar, so without further explanation I offer the following.


Valentine Arrival

Anticipation vibrated through ever fiber of her being leaving her breathless and trembling.  Or perhaps it was the illicit nature of the rendezvous she was walking toward that made her heart race.  There was no turning back now though, she had already made her choice long ago.  The soft click of her heels echoed down the empty street accompanying her toward the waiting double doors.

Her steps halted as soon as she passed the threshold and so too did her breath.  The entry was impressive even though it had seen better days, and yet it still seemed somehow to be closing in upon her like the door of a cage.  One hand reached haltingly to the buttons of her coat and with a deep inhale, she released them one by one.  It was only after she had shrugged free of the tailored wool covering that she dared to take another step.

Draping the coat over one of the chairs, a large and ornate mirror caught her eye.  A smile tugged at her lips as she considered the prospect that it had been intentionally placed for exactly this moment.  She stood before it taking in her own appearance.  The urge to bundle back into her coat was almost overwhelming, but she knew what was expected of her so instead she turned away from her own reflection while a blush stole over her cheeks.

Valentine Timid

Her eyes swept the room about her but she didn’t see any sign of another person present which meant there was still time.  The next steps for her had already been laid out and she suspected she was being observed.  That thought alone made her exposed skin tingle and she found herself posing for the unseen eyes.  While she would follow the path laid out for her, she could also find ways to earn approval in her efforts to please.

Valentine Anticipation

After only a brief moment she was moving once more, it wouldn’t do for her to fail to be in position because she was being indulgent.  She hurried for the stairs and began to climb being certain that each step was performed with as much sensual grace as she could manage.  Just as she rounded the bend, a sound caught her attention and she paused to glance back.  Bathed in the crimson glow of the lamp beside her, there was nothing in the room that looked out of place.

Valentine Upon the Stair

Just because she couldn’t see the one watching her, didn’t make her any less certain now that she had an audience.  Without further delay, she ascended to the landing.  There before the windows, she found what she was looking for.  Pillows and blankets laid out and ready for her.  Exactly as she had been instructed, she lowered and laid back to present herself and wait.

Valentine Poised

She knew the building was empty but for herself and the one for whom she waited, yet in its day it must have born witness to hundreds of souls.  Something of their presence seemed to linger in the walls about her.  So to be poised, in the attire chosen for her and the occasion… left her feeling more exposed than the lace and satin corset should.  All of this had been carefully crafted to invoke exactly the physical reactions she was experiencing and she knew it.  That knowledge didn’t seem to lessen the effect in the least.

Just when she felt that she wouldn’t be able to stand the stillness or the silence for another moment, she felt a new shadow fall over her.  She hardly dared to breathe and held her body exactly as she had been told to.  The moments ticked by and the silence stretched on while her anticipation built.  Then… the voice she had been longing for filled the air.

“Tonight, you are my Valentine.  You won’t know this through flowers or chocolate.  There will be no pink hearts or cupids or teddy bears. Tonight the only music will be what we make ourselves.  This isn’t about ‘I love you’s or infatuation.  Tonight, I will make you feel like the treasure you are.  I will control you in every way and you will love every second of it.  You are my pet and tonight you will receive a treat.  Happy Valentine’s day.  Let’s begin…”


Hair ~ TRUTH HAIR Brianna

Coat ~ coldLogic coat – shreve.onyx

Lingerie ~ Baiastice_Lingerie Corset-black/red

Jewelry ~ Cae :: Into The Woods :: Collection

MG – Bangles – Fairy Pearl Cuffs

Shoes ~ [Gos] Boutique – Grace Sandals – Red Glitter

Poses ~ oOo formal_freebie



[LAP] – RCD-Only the Brave PR4


Happy Valentine’s Day



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