Interview Meme ~ The Cheat

…Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies…

Well it is technically a new week but since Strawberry Singh hasn’t announced her new Monday Meme yet, I’m going to sneak mine in for her last.  Shh, don’t tell.  This past Monday Meme, Berry invited bloggers to have a friend interview them and share the results.  I only had the nerve to ask one friend to help me with this but between her schedule and mine, we just couldn’t make it work.  So… I cheated.  I know I know, horrible example but I really wanted to participate too.  How did I manage this you ask?  Well thanks to a nifty little game by [Commoner], the Chatterbox/”Virtual Life” edition.  I had a ton of fun writing about this amazing one prim conversation starter in the September 2013 issue of AVENUE magazine (link in my portfolio if desired).  So I got all dressed up and answered the first twenty of fifty questions to share from my own home.

Interview Attire


Hair ~ TRUTH HAIR Renata

Earrings ~ Eolande’s Kimmy v2 Earrings – silver

Necklace ~ *League* Dipped Feather Jewellery – Platinum

Dress ~ coldLogic dress –

Jacket ~ *BOOM* Duveteux Rayonnant Jacket (noir)

Shoes ~ [Gos] Boutique – Grace Sandals – Silver Snake

Pose ~ SeVeredPOSE*Set6-E

Home ~ SW ‘Kjell’ Bungalow -blue-

Chair ~ Trompe Loeil – Ashdon Chair with Blanket PG

Interview Time

[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Virtual Life”: 1. How did you come about joining Second Life?

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): I came to Second Life originally in February of 2007 following a group of friends I’d been role playing with in AOL chat rooms. Initially, I scoffed at the concept of needing a virtual world around one to role play online and I resisted following them for a year before I gave in. It took me a while to truly acclimate and accept all that the grid could offer, but once I did I never looked back. My current and primary avatar was created in October of 2007 and now I can’t live without my inventory (disastrous as it is).

[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Virtual Life”: 2. What inspired your Second Life name?

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): My primary reason for creating my current avatar was to explore the world of SL Gor. I wanted a name that spoke to that purpose without being one of the very common “pet” or “slave” kinds that were popular at that time. I went in search of something which could be subtle but speak powerfully of my motives behind the avatar. It took a while but at last I found liat, a Hebrew name which translates in a few ways but my favorite is ‘I am yours’.

[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Virtual Life”: 3. Do you take your Second Life friendships and relationships more or less seriously than those in real life?

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): When I first began my Second Life experience, I was determined to keep it very detached from my real life. I had already been an online junkie for many years by that point so I knew how the two could tend to blur and blend. The truth is, I am me. Be it flesh and blood or pixels and mesh. I can play characters and I adore role play, but the only personality I can maintain for any length of time is my own. That means the friends I make are true friends, the relationships I have are true relationships. It doesn’t matter if they’re standing right next to me or half a world away. I treat everyone the same way, or at least I try to, and I don’t think having a screen in between myself and a good friend makes them any less of a friend to me. Anyone who can put up with me for a while is a keeper in my book no matter what world I met them in.

[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Virtual Life”: 4. What keeps you in Second Life?

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): Some days I ask myself this question more than others. Recently more. After almost seven years to the day in SL, I have made some amazing friends, accumulated some treasured memories and amassed a massive inventory and I don’t think I could walk away from any of those. Second Life is my creative outlet, it is my main social interaction most days and I think it has become an extension of myself after all the time and emotion I’ve invested into it.

[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Virtual Life”: 5. What annoys you most about Second Life?

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): Usually when the grid becomes unstable. There’s nothing more frustrating than when I can’t wear the outfit I want or take off something I don’t want to be wearing. Unless its not being able to teleport home from a crashing sim and having myself booted out of world. When SL is working, I’m a happy girl. When its not… yeah…

[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Virtual Life”: 6. Which viewer do you prefer and why?

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): I’m a Firestrom girl, have been since the days of Phoenix. A friend who was involved in the beta tests got me on it and I’ve never wanted to change back. I love that its one of the first viewers to adopt new features and push the envelop of what is capable inworld. I find it amazingly user friendly and also unbelievably customizable. Its a good thing.

[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Virtual Life”: 7. Does your avatar or alt indulge in role-play?

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): Hmm, yep pretty sure I gave that one away already. Role play is the primary reason I have an online life. I love it and I’d go so far as to say I need it. It doesn’t really matter the genre or the theme. For me the thrill is in creating a rich character, building stories and meeting other people who can do the same with me. When two or more role players come together and manage to create a deep, emotional, lasting story… well lets just say that’s the only high I’ve ever sought after.

[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Virtual Life”: 8. What is the best thing about Second Life?

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): Shopping!!! Oh… wait, I should say something about the people or the amazing content creators or the unique ability residents have to shape their world right? Um, yeah ok. But seriously folks, there’s a lot to love about SL even when its acting up or there’s controversy about some new TOS or something. I think one of the reasons people become so engrossed in their second lives is because we truly do have the freedom to make the grid whatever we want it to be. Its not just changing the skin of the program to a color we like and uploading a picture of something that will represent us to others. We can shape the ground below us, the sky above us, the avatar that becomes our second selves and so so much more. Every time we find a limit to what we can do, there’s already someone working on breaking it. The creativity and vision that so many content creators bring to SL never ceases to amaze me. From the clothes we wear, to the furniture and homes we live in, to the scripts which drive it all… there’s so much art and wonder to the grid that I don’t know how anyone could ever resist exploring it. The best thing though, is probably the people you can meet from all around the world. The friends you can make that you might never have been able to know otherwise. And the shopping.

[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Virtual Life”: 9. Linden Lab: Always helpful or a necessary evil?

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): Its odd but after all my time in world, I’ve never really had a reason to deal with the Lindens. I’m of the opinion though, that those who inhabit a community should have respect for those who work to maintain it at the very least. This world was created by a lot of hard work, it is even more work to maintain it. I respect what the Lindens do for us and I’m grateful they are willing to work so hard so I can continue to enjoy my SL.

[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Virtual Life”: 10. What is your favorite Second Life possession?

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): That’s a tough one, there are so many outfits and hairs and toys and HUDs I couldn’t give up. I think I’d have to say one of my favorite things in my inventory though is my Soothing Elementals Bowl from Alchemy Immortalis. No home I make for myself in SL is complete without this piece. Sure it looks a little outdated next to my mesh furniture and its a bit of a prim hog by comparison, but I just love it.

[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Virtual Life”: 11. Is there anything you regret doing in Second Life?

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): Its difficult to say. Of course there are things done and said from my time in world I’m not proud of but I try to live my life without regret. Mistakes made or words spoken without thinking first are chances to learn and grow. There are things and people I miss but then again there’s that saying about doors closing and windows opening. I’ve seen some truth to that.

[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Virtual Life”: 12. Second Life sex: Almost as hot as the real thing or a humorous distraction?

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): Esh, ok blush moment. Right, well… honestly is the best policy right? OK, I think sex in SL is a lot like sex in real life. The experience you have depends on the person you’re with. I do believe that men are more visual than women when it comes to erotic experiences and so virtual encounters have an appeal for them. However I think women are more stimulated by their minds and with the right animations and input from a partner I think it can be deeply powerful for us too.

[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Virtual Life”: 13. How does your avatar reflect you as a real life person? How is it different?

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): My first avatar I tried to make look a lot like myself, but this one I built to be more of the things I wish I was. I kept the eyes blue since mine are but whereas mine are dark blue, I made hers a very light almost gray blue. She’s short by SL standards but about average by real portions and I wish I was shorter in reality. The hair choice was more about Gor than anything but I’ve kept it auburn because my own hair is brown and I enjoy the thought of honoring my real Celtic heritage though my avie. I covet my avie’s shape and wardrobe so much, I’m not going to lie.

[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Virtual Life”: 14. You teleport into a Second Life party and your avatar is buck naked, without mesh clothing or alpha layers. Do you: A) Teleport away as quickly as possible and hope no one noticed, B) Laugh about it to fellow residents and try to reattach your mesh on

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): Well after I’d confirmed with whoever had dragged me to the party in the first place that I was naked to everyone, I’d teleport home asap. That or I’d crash my viewer out of embarrassment. I’ve spent plenty of time in SL naked in front of others but I tend to default back to being embarrassed by my nude little avie being looked at.

[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Virtual Life”: 15. When someone never voices do you suspect they are hiding their true gender?

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): Honestly, I don’t ever suspect people of being a different gender from their avie. I don’t judge people for this unless someone ends up hurt by it so I just don’t wonder. I take people as I find them which some times gets me in trouble but I can’t help who I am. I for one am rarely the first to suggest a voice conversation because even after all this time in world, having been a DJ at a popular club and stage managed a handful of in world performances… I get shy about speaking to people in voice.

[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Virtual Life”: 16. What are your thoughts on romantic relationships within Second Life?

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): As I’ve said, I consider my relationships in world as real as the ones in my real life. I’ve known a few people now who’ve met someone in Second Life, fallen in love with them, met in real life, gotten married and even had children. Time will tell if these kinds of relationships are any more stable than those formed by meeting someone in a bar but I for one believe its possible and beautiful.

[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Virtual Life”: 17. Do you find the drama in Second Life to be worse or better than the drama in your real life? Why?

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): I think I’d have to say the drama in world is better than drama in real life. That’s not to say it doesn’t still effect me as deeply as the drama I face in reality, but in world if things get to be too much for me I can just hit the x or mute the person. That doesn’t guarantee that the problem goes way, but its a lot more effective than trying to walk away from an argument face to face. Also I think things move faster online than than do in the real world. So drama can blow over in a matter of hours or days in SL that might take months in real life.

[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Virtual Life”: 18. Have you ever had an “SL Secret” at Shopping Cart Disco written about you? Have you ever submitted an SL Secret about someone else?

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): Umm… I don’t know what that is so I wouldn’t know if anyone had ever written about me but now I’ll have to look it up.

[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Virtual Life”: 19. What is the most you have ever spent, playing a gacha machine?

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): Oh lord I wish you hadn’t asked that. I’ve intentionally never counted it because I don’t want an excuse to avoid The Arcade events. I probably spent the most at the December round and I’m not going to try and add it up. Lets just say I wanted all of the Trompe Loeil advent calendar keys and leave it at that.

[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Virtual Life”: 20. Describe the most ridiculous date you have had in Second Life.

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever had a date in Second Life. I go shopping with some friends on Fridays a lot of times and that’s kind of a date and we laugh a lot as we make the rounds but that’s about it. I mean I have some interesting stories from my early days in Second Life when I worked as an escort… but that’s for another time (if ever).



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