A Helpful (Hopefully) Peek

…Come see the world through my eyes…

Like most of the rest of the bloggers in Second Life, I follow and read the amazing works of Strawberry Singh and I’ve been meaning to take part in one of her Monday Memes since I started blogging.  Coincidentally that was right about the time she started doing them again, kismet?  Anyway, I’ve been a failure at managing to get any of them out but not this week!  Behold!!  I share with you the Helpful Tools Meme!!!

liat's WindowThis is my viewer, oh and me (in case you haven’t already seen enough of me in my other posts).  Hello world.  I must admit, this feels a bit like standing in front of the window in nothing but a towel, I mean… that’s my interface you’re looking at.  Scandalous!  Right moving on…

I’m horrible about customization.  I love the option to do it and when I get round to it I’m a huge fan of the results, but actually doing it is something I’m so bad at.  Most of my viewer is as it was installed.  As you can see I’m on Firestorm, the latest non beta version.  A friend got me on the Phoenix viewers shortly after they were released and I’ve never wanted another.  I find them to be chalk full of features I really can’t live without.  I used to wander around with my HUD spots completely full, now I only wear two because my viewer does it all for me.

I recently moved my AO from a HUD to the built in one and while I was nervous about it, I’ve found it to be seamless and so much easier to work with than the old note card systems.  Not to mention the capacity and lack of another HUD on my screen.  Loving it!  I’ve not messed with my upper menus and tool bars aside from picking a skin I liked.  My lower portion I just recently customized to only hold the things I needed or wanted.  It takes me a bit to get used to using a button rather than going through a drop down menu but once I do… oh lordie do I love it.

Now onto what’s showing on my screen:

  1. Mini-Map ~ OK I probably don’t need to point this one out but I never put it down unless I have to.  I really like knowing who’s around me and I admit to having zoomed this in and used it to walk around people at crowded events before I’ve rezzed them.  Shh don’t tell.
  2. Animations ~ So I have a Huddles, I still use it and love it, and I used to never take it off in part because it was my AO.  Now though I find it takes me too much time to rez it, load the anim, edit the notecard so I can see the pose where I want it and then wear and load it.  I still use it exclusively for my dances though sadly I don’t dance that much any more.  When I’m taking a shot, I sift through my mammoth and terrifyingly unorganized inventory, and just leave the anim open but minimized on my screen.  I find this handy also as it allows me to “Play Locally” which will let me seem less like I’m spending half an hour to find the perfect windlight and angle to those around me.
  3. IKON Eyes HUD ~ I don’t keep this on all the time and while I plan to start using Anypose, this fantastic addition to the IKON eyes packs allows you to not only customize your prim eyes texture size, glow, and position; but also fixes your gaze.  I have only played with this a bit but I’m a fan so far.
  4. Phototools Menu ~ So as I mentioned before, I’ve not been on any viewer but Phoenix in ages and I don’t know if this menu has appeared in others.  All I can say is I adore this feature.  It is linked to a button on my lower toolbar (the one that’s lit up like a little camera lens mid capture) because I use it any time I’m snapping shots.  Once I ramp into ultra, I pop this up to select my windlight, play with shadows (or would if I knew how), manipulate my DoF (I’ll get better at this someday), mess with general preferences like draw distance and Avi count to name a few, pull up a stats bar or get texture information among others, and play with my camera in ways I’ve dared not test.  Yeah… I only use a fraction of this but I love it so much.  Once I’m all set I usually close it down to be sure I’ve got all that I want in my shot.
  5. *MD* Hug & Kiss 2.0 Deluxe HUD ~ This one stays on all the time unless I’m feeling guilty for my script count.  I just can’t tell you how much I enjoy the animations in this baby.  Close hug is the one I use most often but it comes with a dozen wonderful couple anims, some sweet, some playful and all wonderful and it lets me hold an anim if I want to for as long as I want.  I’m a bit short by SL standards so usually I’m nuzzling people’s navels but I use it anyway.  I also love the Chase and Jump in Arms ones.  I’m not sure if this is still available fully.
  6. SD Avatar Radar Plus 2.0 HUD ~ Now Firestorm has a built in radar which is very nice and I use it for many things but this is another HUD I never take off.  As I said before, I like to know who’s around me.  It may be residual from my Gor days or maybe I’m just a creeper.  Either way, I love this little thing.  Not only does it show me what avatars are in range of me, it will display their names (Avie name not display name as it pre-dates that option) in different colors depending on if they’re in chat range.  It also tells me if they are sitting, walking, running, typing etc.  It will tell me what direction they are facing so I can use my mini map to know who’s headed my way (I said I was a creeper) and it tells me what language their viewer is in.  Is all that needed?  Well maybe not but neither is another pair of shoes, doesn’t mean I’m not going to jump up and down while snatching them up.  There is also a flight assist, facial animator, and more in this thing.  One of the other features that I love and use all the time in this is that it will track prims on sim.  It tells me how many there are total, how many are used, and how many are left.  Great for every time Prisilla S. Avro wants to know how our homestead is doing without having to dig through the land menu.  It has some great customization options in color of the hover text and I only take it off when I’m feeling guilty about my script count.

Thanks go out to Prisilla S. Avro and Nariko Okawa for being my unwitting assistants in this demonstration.  Also you can see my [SL] Blogger Support IM in the upper right of my screen.  I like having them separate from my chat.


Hair ~ ~Tableau Vivant~ Brickworks Hair – Cowl up

Lashes ~ ::BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01

Eyes ~ IKON Promise Eyes

Sweater ~ *BOOM* Warm Fuzzies mini sweater dress

Pose ~ GLITTERATI – Winter 2

There we have it.  Way more than you wanted to know and probably nothing terribly helpful or new for anyone but its my world and this is how I see it.  Thank you for reading and please check out the other responses to Berry’s meme.



3 thoughts on “A Helpful (Hopefully) Peek

    • I love getting to hug people anywhere I go, these are so worth having. Also, total fan girl moment cause Berry liked my meme!!! Thank you so much for reading and all the amazing work you do.

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