Item Of The Week ~ Tails

…I only have Tail, for you…

A new week, a new item for styling!  I may have been behind with the last IOTW but I managed to get myself on track this week.  This one comes with a tidbit about me even because the fact is, I’ve always wanted a tail!!  As a little kid, when others were wishing they could fly or be a super hero or an astronaut… all I wanted was my very own tail.  What can I say?  I’ve always been a bit different I guess.  I toyed with the idea of sharing more than one look this week but I really wanted to be sure I was on time this week.  So here we have it!

IOTW-Tails-liat Reina


Hair ~ TRUTH HAIR Genesis –  reds

Hair Flowers ~ >TRUTH< Erika Flower 4

Skin & Tail ~ Avatar Female Skin – Special Edition (by Unique Megastore)

Outfit ~ Feral Shells in Dark

*Evie’s Closet* Ellora II – Ethereal Petal Arm Band

BINA “Tende” waist pouches  *blue*

*OAL* Milkmaid Thigh Pouch

Necklace ~ :{MV}: Essence Necklace – Royal

Bracelet ~ *League* Wanderer Bracelet -Hand (Discs)

Pose ~ oOo adrienne_four

This was shot on my home sim and I hope you enjoy.  Make sure you have a peak at the other looks being shared for IOTW.



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