Item Of The Week ~ Wings

…These wings were made to fly…

So I know its technically a new week and the new item has already been announced, but I couldn’t let Item Of The Week pass without sharing my two cents.  Or in this case, two looks!  In my defense I took the shots earlier in the week and simply haven’t been able to process and share them, until now that is.  I will make sure to be on top of the new round… I think.  Anyway, the item for this past week was Wings and both Prisilla S. Avro and Nariko Okawa brought some fierce styling to the table.  My offerings are, once again, more on the cute side but that’s what I enjoy so drum roll please!

IOTW-Wings-liat Reina I

I pulled out some personal favorites for this look.  The wings I picked up from the Taste the Rainbow Hunt which took place in the summer.  To be honest I didn’t really hit the full hunt, but I adore *~*Illusions*~* and these were worth the work.  I couldn’t resist the chance to pull out some .:DuckNipple:. as well as its been far too long.  Since I was going for a more whimsical look, I used the excuse to visit [europa] and I was pleased with the result.


Wings ~ *~*Illusions*~* Rainbow Apsara Wings

Hair ~ TRUTH HAIR Vida –  reds

Ears ~ ++PE++ Wilted Elf Ears-Stars

Necklace ~ MG – Necklace – Tarentella gypsy Dancer

Bracelets ~ Maxi Gossimer – Boho Bangles – Laquered Etched Silver

Outfit ~ SLX Outfit Gypsy (.:DuckNipple:.)

Pose ~ GLITTERATI – Closeup – 2

IOTW-Wings-liat Reina II

Next I knew I wanted to show off a little set of wings I’d gotten from *BOOM* ages ago and always wanted a reason to wear.  The look which came together for them felt more glitzy, so I strolled into the club at Basillique.  So many amazing vistas but I’m a sucker for a light house and I was able to get it in the background!


Wings ~ *BOOM* Aranel’s Wings Valentine’s Day Edition

Hair ~ >TRUTH< Becky

Necklace ~ MG – Necklace – Sparkly Rocker (I promise to show it off better another time)

Dress ~ Ricielli Mesh – GLAMUROUS minidress/magenta

Bracelet ~ MG – Bangles – Sugar Candy – The Pinks

Pose ~ SeVeredPOSE*Set3-D

And there we have it, two days late IOTW but I did two looks so it balances right?  Either way, I encourage visits to these amazing sims and a peek at the other looks presented for the Item Of The Week.



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