Secret in The Trace

…Baby its cold outside…

I knew before winter was over, I’d make a point of getting a picturesque winter shot or two.  When I found the Sarah Dress Coat from The Secret Store at this December’s round of Collabor88, I knew I’d stumbled onto just the right outfit for it.  It didn’t take me long to put together a styling featuring this darling jacket and then it was onto finding a winter wonderland in which to shoot.  One of the resources I use when I’m looking for just the right background for a picture is the stunning blog Cait’s World.  Caitlin Tobias takes captivating photographs and she’s always offing her view of some place new.  She had just what I was looking for and I was off to The Trace.

Snowing in the Trace

It didn’t take me long to find about a dozen spots I wanted to shoot from, but I settled on only a few.  I highly recommend going by for a visit before the thaw, just be sure to bundle up!


Hair ~ TRUTH HAIR Winter

Outfit ~ The Secret Store – Sarah Dress Coat – Blueberry

Maitreya Mesh Flare jeans * #4

INDI Designs – Olivieri Sneakers black

Bracelet ~ ! * ) A ( Amaranthus “Arcana” Celtic Wrist Talisman

Pose ~ !bang – female flf 1 (Above)

*ES* Tip tapping (Below)

Trace Tree Tunnel

I had a lovely time crunching around in the snow to get these shots, sadly I didn’t do a good job of is showing off the buttons on the coat.  They are textured beautifully and add so much to the feel of the piece.  I’m sure I’ll find another reason to slip into this one though as I am in love with it.

Skating at the Trace

With the day drawing to a close, I couldn’t resist slipping out onto the charming ice rink and skating with the lengthening shadows as you can see.  I hope these are half as fun to look at as they were to take, enjoy.

Pose ~ GLITTERATI – Ice skating 2



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