Cozy for Christmas

…Not a creature was stirring…

LTD Cozy Collage

One of the joys in my Second Life® has always been setting up house.  It took me a long time to see the point in having a place of my own on the grid, but my appreciation for home decor was immediate.  As my inventory grew and my time in world extended to years not just months, I really started to want to nest in pixels.  At first my outlet for this was through friends who had places but not the time or inclination to fully make a home.  The advantage to this was that I was able to create new spaces all the time and fit them to the theme of a build or sim, but after a month or so at the longest these homes were no longer needed.

Christmas Cozy I

Once I committed to having homes of my own, I found that living in a space was only fun for so long and then I wanted to redecorate.  My style and taste can be rather eclectic so I often wanted to start from scratch each time.  Now I’ve settled upon a home I’m fairly in love with and I don’t see myself pulling it apart any time soon.  I still feel the desire to create new spaces though.

Christmas Cozy II

The trick becomes finding creative reasons to fill that urge.  One such outlet has arrived in the form of a blog I’m watching now and eager to follow, Love To Decorate.  I’ve really been enjoying Editorial Clarity’s work and I’m excited to see what will come as their magazine hits the grid.  Late in December, LTD posted about a contest which captured my interest.  Show Us Your Cozy!  It took me a while between holidays and illness to get around to this, but I had to throw my hat in that ring.

Christmas Cozy III

I was a bit sad when I picked up the Christmas decorations from my main home, that characteristic sting which always heralds the end of another holiday season.  So when I thought about what kind of vision I wanted to capture for this offering, it seemed obvious.  I set up a little scene to save over some of the yuletide glow.

Christmas Cozy IV

In these shots I made use of items from LISP, Trompe Loeil, MudHoney, Botanical, [noctis], PILOT, [Tia], Balderdash, *Art Dummy, LAQ, and Dysfunctional Designs.  Items were acquired primarily from this round of the Arcade and recent Fifty Linden Friday sales, then the house itself is from Collabor88.

Christmas Cozy V

It may be well past the time for opening presents, but I hope my version of Christmas Cozy will help hold you over till next year.  I know I had a lot of fun and it was a good way for me to be ready to pack my tree away once more.

Christmas Cozy VI



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