Item Of The Week ~ Helmet

…Choose your weapons wisely…

If it hasn’t already become apparent from my multiple mentions in previous posts, I’m rather attached to the amazing Prisilla S Avro.  As her self proclaimed “obnoxious little sister”, I of course tag along behind her and the cool kids when they do something fun.  So when Item of the Week was announced by both she and the one of a kind Nariko Okawa it was only a matter of time before I copied them.  Bright side, they’ve opened this up for everyone so its not quiet as bad as me playing dress up outside their club house and listening at the door… right?

For full details on this fun new project have a look at what Prisilla and Nariko have to say and their first looks.  I’m not as chic as either of them on my best day and that’s just fine with me.  So I embraced some of the long over looked items hiding in my catastrophe of an inventory as well as some newer bits that are very me and here’s what I have to offer.

Cinnamon to the Rescue

Once the look was all together I knew I needed to find a dystopian feeling environment to show off just how tough I am!  I found exactly what I was looking for at the Hathian sim, home to the Crack Den role play community.  A location I had the privilege to write about in the December 2013 issue of AVENUE magazine.


Helmet ~ Urban Camo Helmet from James Benedek’s Freebies

Hair ~ TRUTH HAIR Tyler

Outfit ~ .:villena:. – layered vest #6

[Miseria] Daisy Mini – Rustic

DN Mesh: ArmWarmers

Razor /// High Molly Legwarmers

Necklace ~ MG – Necklace – Sparkly Rocker

Co-Star and Weapon of Mass Cuteness ~ ~Scribble~ Holding Baby Bunny (Cinnamon)

Pose ~ .ploom. Dainty – 1 (Above)

SP_Rihanna_1 Pose (Below)

Choose Your Weapons Wisely

As you can see, Cinnamon and I are a dangerous duo!  When it comes to my method of combat… I’ll go for cuteness every time.



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