On Stage at The Looking Glass

…All the world’s a stage…

All too often I fall into the trap of just staying in my own little slice of grid space, and as a home body in real life that makes a lot of sense to me.  Yet with so much to explore in Second Life, it seems a crime not to get out and about more often and appreciate the things residents have brought to life.  Luckily for me, now that I am blogging I have a built in excuse to wander new sims and I plan to enjoy every second of that as well as share it with others.  That said, my journey to The Looking Glass didn’t start out with the intention of presenting a sim feature post.  I was seeking a place to showcase a look I’d put together but as soon as I saw the Forest Theater… I became captivated.

I’ve seen this building design a few times and yet each time I come across it I’m blown away once more.  This time it struck me so much that I quickly switched tacks and focused on capturing the beauty I saw in this space.  I haven’t truly done justice to the dilapidated grandeur of the Forest Abandoned Theater.  You can’t see from these images the elegant entry in disrepair or the grand and slightly dangerous stair case the the upper boxes.

Walking into the amphitheater is breathtaking though.  The seats remain a testament to the shows of days gone by and the lights along the stage still burn for all the lost theatrical dreams.  The back drop barely shows its age and continues screen the nearly demolished back stage which opens to the night sky where the wall has caved in.  There are also black birds, perhaps crows or maybe ravens, who fly through the space above where the audience once sat and add to the feel of visiting a place meant more for the ghosts more than a living soul.

After spending so much time in awe of this amazing construction, I found it impossible not to sneak (carefully) up onto the stage.  In future posts it will become evident how deeply I value the arts and in specific preforming arts, so it will come as no surprise that I took a chance to enjoy some unobserved time on the boards.  It also let me give a peek at the outfit I meant to showcase that will have to be better seen at a later date.


Hair ~ TRUTH HAIR Brianna

Top ~ coldLogic top – clark.taupe

Skirt ~ coldLogic skirt – giles.cocoa

Boots ~ *League* Lauren Wedge Boots –Charcoal

Pose ~ SeVeredPOSE*Set3-C

At some point there will be more images from The Looking Glass because I didn’t make it to see even a tenth of the sim and it is gorgeous.  I encourage you to swing by and take a peek!



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