Happy New Year!!

…For auld lang syne, my dear…

The start of my own blogging journey has come just as we bid farewell to another year and it seems only right that I should honor its passing into the birth of a new year through my own new endeavor.  I personally love any excuse to dress up in both worlds and I find it tragic that there seem to be fewer and fewer occasions to slip into a formal gown.  New Years Eve though, that’s a time to pull out all the stops in my opinion.  So that is what I present in homage to the day.

Stepping Out on 2013

When I bought this dress from Apple May Designs I wasn’t sure when I’d find an excuse to wear it as I’m not typically a pink person, however when I slipped it on tonight I knew it was perfect.  Then the hunt began for the right place to show it off and it must have been serendipity which led me to Neva Sky Villi.  For just as I landed in this stunning environment, my sister and blog mentor Prisilla S. Avro mentioned she intended to shoot there tonight.  We had a few laughs and then got to work.


Hair ~ >TRUTH< Caprice

Dress ~ Apple May Designs – Eve Gown – Hot Pink

Gloves ~ [Belgravia] Jessamine Gloves – Nero Leather

Pose ~ oOo adrienne_four (In the first)

[LAP] – RCD-Classic Left PR4

I spent some time wading through my massive inventory and was delighted to find some jewelry that rounded off the holiday party look for me and even matched the colors.  Following my mentor’s example, I had to take a moment to get a closer look at them because there is never enough chances to show Maxi Gossamer some love.  Then too, this is one of the rare occasions I put on make up!

Makeup ~ MONS / Makeups – Eyeshadow Shimmer

Earrings & Necklace ~ MG – The Moon And Stars For You set

Bracelets ~ MG – Bangles – Damasc

Ring ~ MG –  Angelica’s Ankh Of Power

Pose ~ GLITTERATI – Jewelled 1

As the sign put it perfectly in my last shot, may you have a very Happy New Year and a stellar start to 2014.  Best wishes to all!



4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. Another great one sis! I would totally “star” it if WordPress was cooperating so I am forced to leave a comment instead so you know how much I enjoyed it! Well done! *NUGS*

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